Kat Chan



2008                 Victorian College of the Arts, Masters in Production Design
2006                 Victorian College of the Arts, Postgraduate Diploma Production Design
2000-2002      University of Adelaide, Bachelor of Architecture (1st class Honours)
1998-2000      University of Adelaide, Bachelor of Design Studies



2022 Green Room Award – Theatre Companies Outstanding Costume Design for Lifespan of a Fact (Melbourne Theatre Company, 2022)

Women in Theatre Program (Melbourne Theatre Company, 2018)

Noel Pelly Fund Scholarship (Australian Ballet) – Overseas travel study trip (Apr-Jun 2014)
Graduate Pathways Scholarship – Emerging Artist Program MTC (2013-14)
Artist in Residence – Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Newcastle (2009)
Trina Parker Postgraduate Scholarship (2008 VCA)
Sir George Tallis Design Award (2006 VCA)
A.R Riddle Scholarship(2002 University of Adelaide)


2015 – present        
Australian Ballet, Production Design Co-ordinator – Scenery+Props


2008 – 2015      
Australian Ballet, Part-time Design Assistant – Scenery+Props
Melbourne Theatre Company, Casual Art Finisher – Wardrobe
Melbourne Theatre Company, Casual CAD drafter – Production
VicOpera, Casual CAD drafter – Production




Bachelor of Design Studies – Performance Design, Casual Tutor, University of Melbourne



“I Wanna Be Yours” directed by Tasnim Hossain, Set+Costume designer, Melbourne Theatre Company (Education+Families Program, May)



“Monsters” directed by Matt Lutton, choreographed by Stephanie Lake, Costume designer, Malthouse Theatre (Nov)

“Annealing” choreographed by Alice Topp, Costume designer, The Australian Ballet (Sept)

“Raymonda:Act III” choreographed by Marius Petipa, staged by David Hallberg, Set designer, The Australian Ballet Adelaide Season (July)

“Admissions” directed by Gary Abrahams, Costume designer, Melbourne Theatre Company (March)

“Waves” choreographed by Deborah Brown, Costume designer, Project Animo (Jan)

“Patina” choreographed by Alice Topp, Costume designer, Project Animo (Jan)

“Touching the Void” directed by Petra Kalive, Costume designer, Melbourne Theatre Company (Jan)



“Lifespan of a Fact” directed by Petra Kalive, Costume designer, Melbourne Theatre Company (May)

“Because the Night” directed by Matt Lutton, Costume designer, Malthouse Theatre (March)



“Torch the Place” directed by Dean Bryant, Costume designer, Melbourne Theatre Company



“Golden Shield”  directed by Sarah Goodes, designed by The Sisters Hayes, Associate designer, Melbourne Theatre Company (Aug)



“Mother” directed by Matt Scholten, Set+Costume designer, Belvoir St Theatre (Jan)
“The Australian Ugliness”, Performance+Video Art by Eugenia Lim, Costume Designer, Open House (July)



“From Silence”  choreographed by Richard House, Set+Costume designer, The Australian Ballet (Aug)
The Australian Ballet 2018 season photoshoot, Stylist+Dress designer
“The People’s Currency”, City of Melb/Fed Square Asiatopa, Performance Art by Eugenia Lim, Set Designer, 4a Centre of Contemporary Asian Art (Feb)



“Mother” IF Productions,  directed by Matt Scholten, Set+Costume designer, Regional NSW/QLD tour (Sept-Oct)
“Scent of Love”, choreographed by Richard House, Set+Costume designer, The Australian Ballet (April)



“Yellow Peril”, Video art by Eugenia Lim, Costume designer+Props maker, Bus Projects+Metro Arts (Nov)
The Sleeping Beauty“, choreographed by David McAllister, designed by Gabriela Tylesova, Associate Designer, The Australian Ballet (Sept)
Mother“, directed by Matt Scholten, Set+Costume Designer, IF Productions, VIC/TAS Regional Tour (Sept/Oct)
“From Something to Nothing”, choreographed by Richard House, Costume designer, The Australian Ballet (June)



“Control” BodyTorque.DNA program, choreographed by Richard House, Costume designer, The Australian Ballet (June)
“This Year’s Ashes”, directed by Tim Roseman, Set+Costume designer, Red Stitch (April)



Artist in Development: Graduate Pathways Scholarship (VCAM) Melbourne Theatre Company (Jan 2013 – Jan2014)“The Tempest” Union House Theatre, Design Tutor, The University of Melbourne (Sept)
“Private Dances”, by Nat Cursio Company, Set designer, Darebin Council (Sept)
“Beached”, directed by Petra Kalive, Costume designer, Melbourne Theatre Company (Education; May)
“Boxman”, directed by Matt Scholten, Set+Costume designer, Victorian/NSW tour(March-May)



“Fringe Furniture 2012”/“Double Take” Photography exhibition, Exhibition co-designer, Fringe Festival, Abbotsford Convent and Arts House Meat Market(September)
“The Pride”, directed by Gary Abraham, Set+Costume designer, Red Stitch (June)
“Tuesday”, directed by Brienna Macnish, Costume designer, MKA theatre (May)
“The Drowning Girls”, directed by Paola Unger, Set+Costume designer, Northcote Town Hall (February)



Boxman” (premiere; by Daniel Keene) directed by Matt Scholten, Set+Costume designer, bigWest Festival (present-November)
Pains of Youth” directed by Ben Pfeiffer, The Artisan Collective, Costume Designer, Tower Theatre Malthouse (September)
The Nest”(video installation)directed by Eugenia Lim(artist), Costume Designer, Dianne Tanzer Gallery (open December 2011)
“Crossed” directed by Matt Scholten, Set+Costume Designer, PYT (June)



“The Nightwatchman” directed by Matt Scholten, Set+Costume Designer, Appetite Theatre (November)
“Electronic City” directed by Wayne Pearn, Set+Costume Designer, Hoy Polloy Productions (August)
“Dying City” directed by Matt Scholten, Set+Costume Designer, Hoy Polloy Productions (August)
“Day in the Life of Joy” directed by Steven Dawson, Set Designer, JoyFM, Fairfax studio (February)
“Act of Deceit” directed by Gary Abrahams, Set+Costume Designer, LaMama theatre (February)



“The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other” directed by Brendan O’Connell, Set+Costume Designer, Tantrum Theatre (November)
“Purgatorio” directed by Ben Starick, Set+Costume Designer, Hoy Polloy Productions (August)
“The Cove Season” directed by Matt Scholten, Set Designer, IF Productions (July/Aug)
“BodyTorque” The Australian Ballet, Set+Costume Designer (co-designed with Alexis George) – Sydney Theatre (May)
“A Dream Play” directed by Olivia Allen, Set+Costume Designer (co-design) (May)



“Acts of Deceit Between Strangers in a Room” directed by Gary Abrahams, Set+Costume Designer, VCA Masters Season
“The Shedding”, directed by Sam Strong, Set+Costume Designer, La Mama



Dolly West’s Kitchen”, directed by Chris Bendall, Set+Costume Designer, VCA production Prague Quadrennial ‘07, DAMU + VCA collaboration, design team “Ice Baby” performance at Industrial Palace, Holesovice Prague, Czech Republic
“A Work In Progress” Short film, directed by Fraser Pilkington, Production Assistant
“Homebody/Kabul” directed by Chris Bendall, Theatre@Risk, Design Assistant (to Peter Corrigan)
“A Country Crossroad” SkinnyTwin Theatre Troupe, Set & Costume Designer



The Lower Depths” directed by John Bolton, Set Designer, VCA 3rd year drama,
One for the Road” directed by Brendan O’Connell, Costume Designer/Manager, VCA Directors Season
Your Hand to My Mouth” directed by Nicky Fearn, Costume Designer/Manager, VCA Directors Season
Europe” directed by Matt ScholtenSet Designer, VCA Directors Season
Far Away” directed by Hallie Shellam, Set Designer, VCA Directors Season
Company” VCA Musical Theatre, directed by Martin Croft, Set Designer and poster designer



2005  Riccardo Tossani Architecture, Tokyo, Graduate Architect
2003-2005  NOVA Corporation, Tokyo, English Instructor
2002-2003  Anthony Donato Architects, Adelaide, Graduate Architect
2002   Tridente Architects, Adelaide, (contract) Graduate Architect
2001   Miss Dinkle’s Studio, Adelaide, Hand Glass painter
2000  Henley Drama Group, Adelaide, Scenic painter

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